Monday, November 22, 2010

Traffic Generation Using Cisco Pagent IOS

This is about generating simple UDP traffic using Pagent IOS on cisco routers. Cisco provided image can be used to send or receive traffic and to analyze the Bandwidth utilized by network interface. You could use this to generate certain amount of traffic of choose protocol (UDP or TCP)etc.

Basic configuration steps to generate traffic:

  1. Load pagent-ios image on device. You can found the images of specific router you are using from    
  2. After downloading and booting with pagent IOS image, follow these steps to generate Traffic.
  3. Pagent (TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:none)# add udp add a traffic stream type, here I considered udp based
  4. Pagent (TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#l2-dest-addr < >     Specify l2 address of destination
  5. Pagent (TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#l2-src-addr < > Specify l2 src address
  6. Pagent (TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#l3-src-addr     specify l3 src ip which is originator of Traffic
  7. Pagent (TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#l3-dest-addr <>    specify l3 dest ip which is originator of Traffic 
  8. Pagent (TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#rate <1-4294967295> No. of Packet per second send rate
  9. Pagent (TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#data ?
  10. <0-65460> Starting position in data array.
    ASCII ascii data string. (Default is hex data string)
    continue continue from current offset
  11. Pagent(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#start       < Starts pumping the udp traffic on specified destination from the source>
  12. Pagent (TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#show       < any point of time you could see the traffic statistics with this show command>
  13. Pagent (TGN:ON,Fa0/0:1/1)#stop


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